Deal board of linden

Deal board  of  linden

Deal board of linden produced in thewoodworking manufactory of our company. We provide a wide range of deal board of this type of wood for every taste and any size. Our production is designed to produce large quantities of the deal board. Which can be used for building and for sale.For a long time battens produced by local standards, and sort it according to the availability of visible defects such as knots, chips, etc. Now these products are produced by new standards for us - in line with European standards. This suggests that over time our linings will be presented not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.

One of our popular goods produced on the basis of the woodworking manufactory is varied deal board. Linden - is one of the most suitable types of wood for the production of not only the deal board but also other wood products. Our company is engaged in the production of the deal board and other materials for construction are not so long ago, but we already have a reliable supplier of quality wood. We do not use lime, imported from other countries, and works mainly with materials produced domestically.

The deal board made of lime from relatively young trees. Mainly used in the production of limes not older than 70 - 80 years. Deal board - a new product, a new lining for us. Linden is widely used for the manufacture of the cladding material. Highest European standards differ from our usual standards. For example, the restriction on the age of the wood. Such deal board are often used in the construction and decoration of the baths.

Deal board  of  linden

Linden wood differs extraordinary gentleness, it has little knots, which is a huge hindrance to the use of wood and reduce the quality of the lining. This wood is very easy to work with, so the woodworking manufactory uses it with pleasure in the production of various construction materials from wood. Lime is not only comfortable and beautiful but also very healthy. The finished lining of lime preserve the comfort room, the air in these areas gets curative properties.

Deal board of linden can be purchased directly in the woodworking manufactoryof our company or to order its production. We work with our material, and the material of the customer. We produce a deal board for individual orders, we also supply wholesale shipments of these products.