Finishing the balcony with deal board

Finish the balcony with the wooden deal board, today occupies a leading position on sustainability, quality and economy. Wooden deal board - a natural, perfectly safe building material, which gives each housing an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Molded wood, due to its technical structure (the presence of slots for the interface in the plane, and rebates), conveniently and quickly mounted on the walls and ceilings.

Benefits finishing balconies lining:

  • Finish the balcony clapboard form in your home comfortable space for relaxation. Wood has a positive effect on human health, thanks to its special properties - strength, environmental friendliness, natural pleasant smell.
  • Balconies finishing using deal board helps to keep the presentableaestheticlook of a balcony or loggia to the maximum long term. Molded wood robust and highly resistant to mechanical damage.

The firm "Med" offers services of manufacturing, sale and installation of wooden lining on request. We work with tree species such as; spruce, pine, linden and oak. Treated wood special antiseptics that will retain the original color and shape of the lining for a long time, and significantly extend its life.Thanks, antiseptics lining becomes more resistant to fungal manifestations, changes in temperature, mold, moisture. In addition, antiseptics are excellent means of protection against harmful insects. Qualified specialists of the company "Med," the most efficiently, accurately and reliably perform finishing the balcony clapboard wood of any kind and complexity. We offer a choice of different boards in the varied price range.

For more information on the wooden deal board, manufactured by "Med", and its installation, please contact our managers to provide a phone number on the website. They will provide you with the answers to all your questions.

Finish the balcony with the deal board on your balcony will create a pleasant microclimate, giving your home the originality and individuality.