Manufacturing of wooden board

Manufacturing of wooden board

We made the wooden board ofpine, fir tree, oak, lime, ash. Workshop are equipped with all modern equipment, which drying and saw wood. Our firm work with saw timber not so long but have positive references on the marketplace on similar production.

Manufacturing of wooden board is always relevant, as it widely used in building, repairing and so on. At first customers pay their attention to price and quality. Our production is notable for the perfect combination of price and quality.

We produced such types of board:

  • Deal board
  • Deal board euro
  • Floorboard
  • Timber
  • Block house
  • False beams etc.

Wood products are popular because of the undeniable benefits they provide to our health. Finished wood board room look much more comfortable and lends an air of unmistakable aroma. Production of boards for finishing the house is now much more popular hazardous materials that emit into the air harmful to our body substances. The main criteria for the selection of wood for boards are its integrity, the absence of pests. Before the start of production of wood, boards are divided into grades according to which the board will be made of different types and different prices.

There are two types of processing boards, which are produced as a result of unedged and edged board. Cutting board characterized by alarge thickness, the complete absence of bark and knots on its surface. This board is characterized by low edging board, which is considered less relevant. Unedged board has on its surface traces of the cut twigs and branches, the edges of the board and can be uncircumcised with bark.

Manufacturing of wooden board

Production of boards on the basis of our company can be customized. We work with clients who buy small lots of boards and planks acquire wholesale shipments. Estimate the cost of the order will our specialists. The cost of work depends on the quality and type of board, wood and lot size. In large consignment, we offer discounts. For all matters relating to the manufacture of boards and wood products, contact the phone numbers listed on the site.