Manufacturing of the deal  board

Manufacturing of the deal board with using modern technology which decorate your apartment or house with all modern convenience and realized your dreams. As nowadays we have a great variety of building materials and decoration goods. There are a lot of kinds of woodworking and innovation technologies, the wood is universal raw material. Wood owns a great fame, a deal board also because of advantage over another material. Ecological material owns poor heat conducting, insulation adjust and support the best level of air moisture, make unique climate and comfort in your home, have a gut influence on your health and mood.

High technology helps us realize all projects and great ideas. High-grade material will help you to make a great result and high quality.

Our company offers a wide range of services for the production of log cabins, lining production, etc. Add beauty and brightness in your home, you will certainly gain, a special flavor of life that will fill you with energy and positive. Wood lining is easy to manufacture, processing and use. The use of wooden bunks possible both for external and internal finishing works. The walls are sheathed clapboard given are completely smooth and flat surface. The unique texture and color of wood of various species allows for stunning colors and with properly chosen lighting atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and comfort provided.

Deal board manufacturing and selling

In our work, we use European equipment in compliance with all standards and norms, which allows the highest quality linings. Half of success in the manufacture of lining depends on the wood. We use the best of breed, pine, fir, ash and oak. But there is another point to consider. Conifers ( pine, spruce) are versatile and can be used in interior and exterior trim. The wood has all the necessary features and allows you to create unique designs.

We also offer services in the casing houses, saunas, balconies, etc. Systematic and individual approach to each client allows to achieve maximum success. Boarding even the most simple and balcony or veranda, the project will give a whole new look.